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SCI patients create art through movement

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Michele Basso runs the NeuroRecovery Network at Ohio State Medical Center. She sent us this note the other day:

I am sharing with you an adjunct project that one our collaborators here at OSU has initiated. There is an Art installation at the Urban Art Space downtown in which some of our SCI patients have collaborated to create art through movement.

Lise Worthen Chaudhari (who is a dancer and a biomechanical researcher) has developed a program by which a computer mouse is attached to the moving limb of a patient with SCI or other neural related disabilities. As the patient moves, the signals from the mouse create abstract art. It is really remarkable to see the art as well as watch the patients engagement to “paint” with movements.

Read More – http://communities.kintera.org/REEVE/blogs/daily_dose/default.aspx?p=14

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