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As Patients Create Art, They Recover

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Dr. Lise Worthen-Chaudhari, an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation and associate director of the Motion Analysis and Recovery Laboratory at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, contributed to this article on Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

For more than a decade, I’ve conducted research to help patients recover from stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. I’ve often wondered how to get them moving in new ways, and how to transform rehabilitation into a fun and interactive healing process. With a background in dance and kinesiology, I found myself trying to connect rehabilitation science to the creative arts in my work.

Through combining principles from dance and today’s gaming technology , my research team here at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and I were able to create an interactive computer program designed as a rehabilitation biofeedback tool, a system we called Embedded Arts. Our system involves a creative game that allows patients to enter into a personal “zone” while undergoing rehabilitation. In this interactive experience, patients leave digital brush strokes on a screen when they move.

We tested this method in a clinical trial, during which we detected the movements of 21 patients. Using motion sensors, their body movements were transformed into graphic art on a computer screen. We measured movement in three dimensions, which plotted  on a computer screen as an abstract painting — and patients could see the picture evolve in front of them.

Read More: http://news.yahoo.com/patients-create-art-recover-154527784.html

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