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Setting Up

Before setting up your Fly Mouse, we recommend you to login onto you Agile Art System (this applies every time you’d like to begin a new course). Your Fly Mouse operates just like other mouse and can create movements on your computer screen simultaneously with your mouse/mouse pad.



  1. Go to http://agileart.rekovo.com
  2. Type in your credentials to login.

Create a New Client

  1. Clients>> Add
  2. Enter Name and Email
  3. Optional is to upload a photo or graphic that is saved on your computer
    1. Use the circle as a guide to resize and center the picture.

Edit a Client

  1. Clients>> Edit
  2. Update information
  3. Click ‘Save’ to finish

Begin a Course

  1. Courses>>New
  2. Choose your client by clicking on “Select a client”
  3. Select course, art media and color palette using the dropdown menu
  4. Set timer
  5. Choose to turn on/off mirroring effect. Mirror conveys more motions to patients with limited movement, resulting in a better visual.
  6. Set up your FlyMouse. Plug the receptor USB to your computer and turn your mouse sensor on.
  7. Click on “Begin Course”

Ending a Course

  1. Course will end itself once set time is reached, you can also pause action by pressing <spacebar>.
  2. Click on ‘Save & Review’ to view a summary of your client’s progress.
  3. Click on ‘Save & Clear’ to save existing result and begin a new course with same previous setting.
  4. Click on ‘Reset’ to discard all results including settings and begin a new course
  5. Each Course is created on its own tab in the browser. To return to the Course screen, simply close the current tab. The images and results will not be saved, however.

Viewing results/progress

  1. Click Courses >> Results
  2. Choose your metric and length of courses from dropdown menu to modify the chart result

Viewing clients’ portfolio

  1. Click Clients >> View
  2. You may narrow down the result by selecting the dates under ‘Session Search’
  3. To download artwork: click on the image you wish to download, hover over it and click on download art.

NOTE: Fly Mouse sensitivity

  1. Depending on your patients need and ability to move, the sensitivity of the Fly Mouse may have to be adjusted to keep a better track of patient’s movements.
  2. For Macintosh user:
    1. System Preferences >> Mouse
    2. Adjust your “Tracking Speed”
      1. E.g.: Patient with limited movement: Set “Tracking Speed” faster and vice versa
  3. For Windows user:
    1. Go to Search >> Choose “Setting” from dropdown menu >> type in “Change the mouse pointer display or speed” and click on it
    2. Adjust your “Pointer Speed”
      1. E.g.: Patient with limited movement: Set “Pointer Speed” faster and vice versa

Hot Keys

These keys can be used during the session.

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