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We Help Patients...

with balance deficits, neurological disorders, traumatic brain injuries, brain/spinal injuries, and pediatric therapy.

To Engage...

by shifting the focus from movement tasks to creative exploration, resulting in a higher therapy dose.

So That They...

enjoy the work of therapy and are more likely to recover faster.

Agile Arts is research-backed technology from The Ohio State University Medical Center. By embedding the arts within standard therapy the technology improves patient engagement and compliance with exercise prescriptions. Exploring the creative nature of personal movement in a rehabilitation setting can help patients coping with recent, life-changing injuries to focus on movement therapy in a positive way.

How Our Product Works…

Agile Arts uses real-time biofeedback and a motion capture system to turn any patient movement into artwork. It is guaranteed to increase patient engagement in 5 easy steps:

  • Login on ANY web browser
  • Attach the sensor to the patient’s limbs, torso or head
  • Select your patient then choose the art type and color palette
  • Start moving and creating art!
  • Track your results

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Patient Artwork

created by
person with spinal cord injury
created in
45 sec
reason in therapy
working on lower extremity mobility
created by
person with spinal cord injury
created in
6 min
reason in therapy
working on visual-spatial neglect and arm weakness
created by
person with traumatic brain injury
created in
20 min
reason in therapy
regain movement, coordination and strength in hands
created by
person post-stroke
created in
1.5 min
reason in therapy
working on arm and shoulder weakness
created by
person post-stroke
created in
5.5 min
created in
regaining core strength and posture

Measurable Results


Features Include

  • Agile Art access on any web browser
  • Sensor and strap
  • Ability to track patient session length, speed, activity and screen coverage during each session
  • Save and download all artwork created
  • Guaranteed new level of patient engagement


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Medicare Codes

The current version of Agile Art is covered under 6 different CPT codes:
Neuromuscular ReED, Balance, Coordination
Gait Training
Therapeutic Activities
Biofeedback training any meth
Physical Performance Test
Therapeutic Exercise

Do you want to help your patients engage in therapy?

Do you want to help your patients engage in therapy?

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