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About Us

Our History

Rekovo was created in 2014, with a partnership with The Ohio State University, and enabled by a great combination of insightful research, human-centered design and passionate therapists. We started Rekovo with the idea that innovative products can be brought to the healthcare market that are both affordable and create tremendous, positive impact.

Our Vision

We are a passionate company with a straightforward vision. We believe that improving the quality of people’s lives is a noble calling, and we want to enable the caregivers and healers of the world to do their job more efficiently, faster and with all of their passion. Technology should only be a means to an end, not an obstacle or the focus. As such, our group is focused on bringing to market technology, in a way that brings smiles to the faces of those using it.


  • Lise Worthen-Chaudhari
    Lise Worthen-ChaudhariScience

    Lise is a research assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and associate director of the Motion Analysis and Recovery laboratory within Dodd Hall at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. She received an MFA in Dance at Ohio State and an MS in Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Worthen-Chaudhari has more than a decade of experience conducting clinical research of central nervous system impairment and recovery. It was during this research that Rekovo and Agile Art came to life. At Rekovo she stays on top of all things research, product visioning, and data collection.

  • Alex Purtell
    Alex PurtellGrowth & Marketing

    Alex has broad experience across numerous startups. Specializing in all things digital marketing, analytics, and project management, he has worked closely with over 20 startups and acted as program manager for a startup accelerator. Alex has founded his own company in the rehab space and has worked for an innovation consulting firm as well as a central Ohio venture fund. At Rekovo he helps to spread the word and capture the right kind of metrics to make our users happy.

  • Todd Whittington
    Todd WhittingtonOperations

    Todd has over twenty years of experience in marketing, executive management and product development. During that same time period, he launched three ventures, all of which he successfully exited. A former aerospace engineer, Todd has worked both as a designer of lean business processes and in roles responsible for retail marketing strategy and product development for a Fortune 500 company. Most recently, he served director and as COO of a software design agency. At Rekovo he keeps eye on the numbers, handles the day-to-day, and plans for the road ahead.

Do you want to help your patients engage in therapy?

Do you want to help your patients engage in therapy?

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