Improve balance and decrease fall risk in five therapy sessions.

What is Rekovo?

Rekovo is an interactive tool that therapists can bring with them anywhere!

Rekovo utilizes a gyroscope sensor that requires implicit process to negotiate movement and allows for dual task completion.

Reimagine therapy in a way that engages patients, tracks results in real-time, accelerates recovery and leads to:

  • Documented real-time measures
  • Improved therapy outcomes
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Improved clinical pathway programming
  • Ability to compare progress of daily goals

See Rekovo in Action

What is the impact of using Rekovo?

Any patient in a physical rehab setting that wants to improve balance and strengthen muscles can use Rekovo.

Increased Minimal Clinically Important Difference (MCID) in just 5 sessions

Increased patient Berg Score an average of 5.3 points over the course of six weeks.

Each participant transitioned from risk of falls <45 to no fall risk >45 in just five visits, across multiple diagnoses.

Decreased time to recovery vs. traditional therapy by 50%

For the Therapist:

Clinical teams can document therapy sessions and track patient progress

Duration of task performance

Track actual time engaged in task directly

Speed of motion

Visually document limits of stability for balance reactions

Improved clinical outcomes are the result of real-time feedback which allows the patient to observe elements of his or her movement performance as the movement performance is unfolding.

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